Our first task after setting up our blog was to write the following blog post: “Use words and pictures that paint the picture of the future of a world with you in it”

So I had a hard time deciding how to look into the future and see what the world would look like with me in it.  Maybe because I don’t see MY world changing – the things that make me happy, my thoughts on education and learning etc. The tools will change. Technology will change. Students will change.  But what shapes me as a person, my world around me, will still be based on the same principles; spending time with those I love, doing things that make you happy.

I read somewhere that life is like a train. People get on and off your train. Some stay for a long time, others only a short time. Each person that gets on your train plays a part in shaping how you view the world.  Some people I thought would stay on my train for a long time, were taken too early. Others, stayed on longer than expected.  

I started out thinking about adding a collage the people and things that mean a lot to me.  While surfing through my photos on Flickr, I noticed this: 


10 years into the future, that number will be just over 85,000 photos of the people in my life and the things that make me happy.  I had a hard time picking out pictures because 99% of them bring a smile to my face when I think back to when they were taken. If only I could put that in a word cloud! I can’t – so I will just show you just a few things that make me happy.  In my future world, it will be more of these (only everyone will be older!). Pictured below are my husband and son (and our families), our cat Tobey and the place where we spend our winter skiing with friends/family – Alpine Ski Club in Collingwood, Ontario.

From an education perspective, I thought I would share a visual that shows my thoughts about education and learning in general.



Created at WordArt.com


Learning never stops.  I believe that there is always something we can learn as long as we are open to it.  I do what I can to help every student in my classroom learn and that won’t change in the future.

I look forward to this journey over the next six weeks as we share our ideas, have some fun and learn from each other.